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     Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Genette Mujar: fashion designer, costume designer, stylist and a single mom. I am a graduate of the Fashion Design program at the Visual College of Arts and Design, but I’ve been sewing since I was a girl.


         I grew up in a family of nine, the fifth in the family and the third girl. So all the clothes that my sisters outgrew were handed to me. They were worn out, with the stitches unraveling but guess what? Already an artist at heart, I improvised. I learned how to operate my mother’s manual sewing machine, and re-styled every single item of clothing I inherited. Then I started restyling or making new clothes for my family.


        For example, my father is a fanatic fan of James Bond. The movies inspired me to create a batwing blazer out of the flat sheet and the black linings from the hem of my mom’s skirt. Its funny that the next she wore it she thought she grown a bit - because the hem is higher.


         Upcycling clothing was a part of my life in my teenage days. I never got bored collecting old clothing from my family. I love re-styling those items. They looked so good that my sisters regretted passing it on me. 


        I recently made my daughter a beautiful white dress for her first communion. It received so many complements and even influenced one of the other moms to enroll in my design school. A professional photographer loved my design and style and photographed three portraits that appeared in ICONIC Magazine and six portraits published in Art of Portrait Issue 31 pt.2 August 2019.


        My journey in the fashion world is beginning and I intend to make it BIG. It is time for me to shine. 

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